Renee de Bree, Artist


“Women Hold up Half the Sky”
An Exhibition in celebration of International Women's Day
The CACGV Gallery at the Bay Centre (1150 Douglas Street, Victoria BC)
February 25 – March 13, 2016

I have always found forests to be sacred and precious. Not only do they contribute to our well being in the way of shade, oxygen and wood products, they are wonderful living beings in their own right that also call this Earth their home. I look for every opportunity to hike or backpack and in the course of many years have walked among giants – old growth forests that I felt privileged to be in the midst of. My art reflects my love of these forests and many of them are here on Vancouver Island – from Victoria to Cape Scott. I have walked among the forest trees along the ocean and up in the mountains of Strathcona Park and the experience has always been one of awe in their presence. If I could do anything with my art, it would at the very least, be a tribute to these forests. If there is a possibility to do more, I would hope that the art would inspire a desire to save the forests of the earth from all the logging that is taking place.


The Forest